Not In This Office

Content Warning: The following article addresses sexual harassment in the workplace.  Current events, including the Harvey Weinstein situation, will be discussed as well as responses and how to handle a situation.  There are a few instances of mildly strong language.   Not In This Office In case you are unaware, it has recently been revealed… Continue reading Not In This Office


Dear Betsy

CONTENT WARNING: The following post discusses the recent rollbacks in Title IX provisions by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.   Dear Betsy, I tried to be optimistic. I tried to be positive before your press conference. Hell, I even tried to justify what you were doing after it. Despite what everyone was saying, I stood… Continue reading Dear Betsy

The Big Announcement!

Content Warning: No warning is needed for this post. There is no content that one would find to be hurtful or triggering.   I promised everyone a big announcement yesterday, and I'm here to deliver! On behalf of myself and Teal Mondays, it is with great pleasure that I present to you our collegiate division:… Continue reading The Big Announcement!

Let’s Talk About 13 Reasons Why

  CONTENT WARNING: The following post discusses the Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why.  Topics will include sexual assault, victim blaming, and suicide.  The series has been known to be triggering for those who have experienced trauma, and if that is the case it is recommended you DO NOT proceed to the rest of this… Continue reading Let’s Talk About 13 Reasons Why

We Need EVERYONE To Do More About Sexual Assault

CONTENT WARNING: The following article deals with sexual assault (specifically on college campuses and includes references to current events) and victim blaming.  Names of individuals and institutions have been removed due to the nature of the article.  There are no graphic details used in this piece.   An article was recently released that detailed what… Continue reading We Need EVERYONE To Do More About Sexual Assault